Monday, March 6, 2017

Day Four - Fixing our Minds on Christ

Thank you for joining us again today as we Fix our Minds on Christ. Today is Day 4 in our devotional series on the book of Colossians.

He has rescued us from the domain of darkness and transferred us into the kingdom of the Son He loves. We have redemption, the forgiveness of sins, in Him.  
Colossians 1:13-14 (HCSB)

Who is "He?" 

If we look back at verse 12, we see that the HE mentioned in verse 13 is God the Father. Understand that it’s God the Father doing all the work here. He is the One who fights for us. He is the One who’s power we rely on. We touched on that briefly yesterday

In this passage, we learn that it’s God the Father who has done four amazing things for us.

1.  He has rescued us. This means He’s delivered us. He’s taken us out of a dangerous situation, which we’re told is the domain of darkness in the clutches of the evil one who wants to steal, kill and destroy. God has picked us up and rescued us from that.

2.  He has transferred us to the Kingdom of His Son. To transfer means to carry us, to move us, to physically pick us up and transport us from the domain of darkness to the Kingdom of His glorious light through Christ Jesus. Even when we’re too beat up, or too broken, or we don’t have the strength to walk out of the dangerous situation on our own it’s the Lord who picks us up and carries us.

3.  He's redeemed us, which means He’s paid the price by giving His Son who died willingly on the cross for us to make sure we have forgiveness of sins.

4.  He's forgiven us. Our debt is paid. We no longer owe what we’re indebted to. We have fallen short. We have sinned and there is a price to be paid for that. Jesus Christ by His blood on the cross said, “I will pay that for my beloved children. That work is finished. It’s done. It’s over.

These are amazing Scriptures. Cling to them today. When you walk this out, very similar in nature to our challenge for yesterday, I want you to embrace them as your own.

I heard a song for the first time the other day that said, “Go ahead and live like you’re loved.” What if you knew that you were loved, if you knew you were rescued, that you were redeemed and forgiven? What if you knew the price had been paid, that you were no longer enslaved to sin? Would you live differently?

Live it out today. That’s my challenge for you today. Go ahead and live like you’re loved.

Be strengthened today, by His Word and I’ll see you right back here tomorrow.

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But God is never absent. He is as involved in your life today as He was when He protected Queen Esther and the entire Jewish nation from annihilation, and He will bring victory.  Click here to purchase.

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