Friday, April 7, 2017

Day Twenty-six (FINAL) - Fixing our Minds on Christ

Well, my friend can you even believe it?  We have reached the conclusion of the Fixing our Minds on Christ daily devotional series through the book of Colossians.  Our final passage is Chapter 4 verses 17 and 18.

“And tell Archippus, “Pay attention to the ministry you have received in the Lord, so that you can accomplish it.  This greeting is in my own hand—Paul. Remember my imprisonment. Grace be with you.” Colossians 4:17-18

What a fitting place to end.  Well, obviously we're at the end of the book so this is where we're going to end! As well, over the last couple of years, this encouragement to Archippus has been the marching order that I have felt the Lord press upon my spirit. He has been telling me “remember the ministry that I've given you so that you can accomplish it.”

I'm excited to share with you that because of this verse, because of the way that the Holy Spirit prompted me in this, I have resigned my full-time position in administrative works for our church. I am moving exclusively into Strengthened by the Word Ministries and coordinating women's ministries activities for our church family.

It's a very exciting time for me. It's all because of this prompting to know your calling and to accomplish it in the Lord’s strength. 

Today's Challenges

So my challenge to you today is to discern your calling. Again, another tall order. I've been putting up some big challenges and I realized this! But seek the Lord and ask him day by day, “What's my kingdom assignment? What is it that you called me to do?” I'll share with you that maybe your calling is bigger than you thought it was. Maybe he wants you to be out in public sharing your testimony. Or maybe your calling is simple and it doesn't leave your home front. But I'll tell you that's a powerful calling. If you are at home raising your kids, teaching them about the Lord, there is no higher calling than that.

So don't underestimate the size of your calling or the purpose of your calling. Sometimes when we are entrenched in changing diapers and cleaning toilets and cooking meals for our family, and we feel like we don't even have time to put mascara on today - those are some of the most Kingdom-filled activities that we can do. Why? Because we're doing it in the name of the Lord. So don't underestimate the purpose of that. It is for a season. When that season ends you might seek the Lord again and ask  “what is it that you have for me to do now?” Maybe then He will want you to minister to younger moms and walk alongside them to let them know how big their calling is. Or maybe you want you to share your testimony with friends over coffee, or maybe from a stage.

Whatever it is, seek Him in it and then fulfill that calling. What He has given to you is what you need to accomplish so seek Him in it. I can't express that enough. If you are not seeking the Lord and asking Him what he has for you, you might very well be missing the mark.  So continue to seek Him in it.

My second challenge as we close this book is to stay in God's Word. Stay in prayer. Stay consistent with what we have learned and discussed throughout our devotion series. 

Lastly, I'm going to ask a big favor from you. Would you let me know if you would like to see continued daily devotions? I'm going to do something continuous with this YouTube channel. I’m not quite sure what. Maybe it's going to be a weekly message. I really don't know. I need to seek the Lord on that but I would really love to hear from you and let me know if daily devotions are helpful to you. Please connect with me here. 
My prayer throughout the devotional series is that you will have a hunger stirred in you and that you would want to know more about the Word. That you want to know more about Jesus Christ and about God the Father and about the Holy Spirit. And I pray that we've accomplished that in our time together.  

Until we meet again I just want to encourage you to stay true to everything that we've learned through the book of Colossians. It's been my pleasure and honor to produce these videos for you. Enjoy them be blessed. Be strengthened by the Word and I pray for your continued blessings. Thank you for walking this journey with me. 

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