Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Faith Builders: All Keyed Up

Welcome to Faith Builders!

You're among the first to read this new series on my blog!  With the exception of today’s post, Faith Builders will publish on Fridays. Tuesday blog posts will continue as they have in the past, with a focus on recognizing and embracing God’s best.

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It is our nature to sometimes overlook God’s provision. We’re often known to categorize the Lord’s activity as mere coincidence. But…
  • What if we reframed our thinking?  
  • What if, when we prayed to the Lord about a particular matter, we watched with expectancy to see how He’d respond?  
  • What if, when we receive answers to prayer, we gave God the glory?
  • What if we shared our stories? Who might we encourage? 

That's what Faith Builders is about. It’s a venue to share stories of the tangible ways we see God at work in our personal lives. Some might see these stories as chance happenings, but we’re choosing to give Glory to God and spur one another on in our walks of faith!

Our introductory story comes from Tia Clark in Laramie, Wyoming...

“All Keyed Up”

Shared by Tia Clark
Laramie, Wyoming

It was July 4th. Tia’s husband, Roy expected that she’d soon meet him at a party to celebrate the independence of our nation. She was packed and ready with potluck dishes beautifully prepared, when she realized she couldn’t find her car keys.  We’ve all been there, haven’t we?

Tia keeps her keys on a long, red lanyard and her key bundle includes a small bell. They should be easy to find, but on this particular day, they were nowhere to be seen. She didn’t merely search for the keys, she up-ended her entire house. As Tia tells the story, she emptied her purse at least 4 different times, looked through every drawer in the house, searched under sofa cushions, rummaged through jacket pockets, but still could not locate them.   

Stress was setting in and she was expected to arrive at the party soon. Thinking through her options, she eyeballed her husband’s set of keys, but then paused. What if she misplaced his set too? With no other obvious solution, she took a deep breath, grabbed Roy’s keys, loaded her van and started to back out of the driveway. But something didn’t feel right.

Feeling frazzled, she stopped the car there in the driveway and prayed.  A thought immediately entered her head: “They’re in your black shoes.” It was one of those thoughts that she didn’t feel was her own. She credits the Lord with provision of the answer.

This piqued her curiosity and she hurried to her bedroom closet to search for her keys inside her shoes. Sure enough, she spied the red lanyard peeking out of one of her black shoes. What once was lost now was found!

Tia is a sandal lady. From very early spring until the snow begins to collect on the ground for the winter, she wears sandals. Remember, this story took place on July 4th, well into sandal season.  How her keys landed inside one of her winter shoes was a great mystery, but there they were. Without the Lord’s help, she may not have located them until winter.

Tia’s heart was touched by the Lord’s obvious care. He is, indeed, involved in every detail of our lives if we’ll allow it. 

Get involved!

Let's watch for God's subtle fingerprints as readily as his indisputable miracles. If you would like to share a story of the evidence of God's invisible hand, please submit it here.  

We share our favorite recipes, great sales that we find, and recommendations for restaurants. Why not share what the Lord is doing in your life? Thank you for your willingness to encourage others and join our team of Faith Builders!  

Be Strengthened Today, By His Word,
Psalm 119:28



  1. This is so great. My husband's keys have been missing all month, so I didn't just relate, I empathized! Haha! This was a really great example of how God cares for even the "little" details in our lives!

  2. Thanks, Heather. I agree with you completely!

    I once lost my keys for over 2 years and they were found in the oddest place. I truly don't think I ever asked the Lord to show me where they were... Next time I will for sure!