Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Subscribe by E-Mail!

Hi there!  I would like to bring something to your attention.  I've added a new gadget on my blog that makes it VERY EASY to subscribe to posts by e-mail!  I hope you'll sign up!  You can do so on the right side of your screen - just type your e-mail address into the white box under "Follow by Email" and click SUBMIT.  You'll then be asked to type in a verification code.  When you receive a confirmation e-mail in your inbox, please open it and follow the links to verify that it is really you that made the request.  Blog posts will then be delivered right to your e-mail box!  How easy is that?

Please also consider becoming a traditional follower of this blog.  It would help me in a big way!  (That gadget is located on the right of your screen just below "Follow by Email.")  I have some work that I would love to have published.  It's a long process, of course, but one thing that agents and editors look for is some form of public following.  It seems silly, but the more followers I have, the more seriously I may be considered by publishers.    Following this way won't bring any junk e-mail or unwanted communication from me.  It's something similar to "like" on a Facebook page!  :)  If you already are a follower, please accept my thanks!

Thanks for reading, and for encouraging me through your e-mails.  I love and appreciate you all!


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