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Faith in Action: Fasting

Its funny. As I talk to people about fasting, most fall into two camps. Either theyre all in for the benefits of the spiritual practice or they have never tried it.  A few may have dabbled with the idea or have given it a try in the past, but the typical person looks at fasting as something theyll do someday.

There are times in our lives when we feel stuck - when weve tried everything we can to reach a resolution, or to feel healed and whole, or to see freedom from an area of captivity but we dont see change. We begin to lose hope.  Heres the question: Are we willing to step out of our boxes of comfort and try something drastic that may even potentially help us move forward? 

Are we willing to change up our routines and shake up our methods to get out of the mud? What if we introduced a catalyst even amidst uncertainty that it would make a difference? What if, in our desperation, we tried some new thing? What would we have to lose? What might we gain?

What if fasting were that thing? Would you try it?

Fasting is an expectation set in Scripture, just like prayer. The Lord Jesus used the phrase When you fast (Matthew 6:16-18). He did not say if you fast. He used the word when. Its not a new-age mystical approach to spirituality. Its not a way out there approach to building faith. Fasts dont have to last for 40 days. They can involve just one meal or many. A fast doesnt require that you do nothing but pray for the duration of the practice. Go on about your normal routines except for eating and pray as you feel those pangs of hunger.

Theres a bit of a gray area as we talk about fasting - were not to broadcast our participation or shout from the rooftops to all who may hear, Im fasting today!  As much as is possible, fasting is to be done in secret according to instructions in Scripture. Its why, I think, some may feel a bit hesitant to talk about it. But Jesus talked about it, so I believe we can too. Our aim through the discussion is to encourage others in a fast, not try to determine when theyre fasting or cause them to participate openly.

Meet Sheila:

Im thankful for Sheila McIntyre who was willing to have the conversation with me. Shes a public high school teacher in New York who felt the Lord prompting her to understand the importance of the practice. She responded to His nudge. After a three-day fast she noticed that her heart and soul felt much more spiritually receptive and embraced the practice.

I pray that youre inspired and encouraged by Sheilas experience as she shares them with us.

Me: Can you describe your fasting process?

Sheila:  Knowing when to fast, for me, is based on a prompting in my spirit from the Lord. I start thinking about fasting and it continues on my mind--it then becomes something I know I should do. My fasts generally last a day, but they have extended longer (two days and three days). I fast from food. Usually, the first day or so is hard; every time I start thinking about food and feeling hungry, it reminds me to pray and ask the Lord for help. I take that time to praise Him and pray for the thing(s) I am fasting about. So the hunger pains remind me of praying to the Lord about the things I am fasting about. As the fast goes on, my prayers become more focused, and I feel a deeper and sweeter connection to the Lord.

Me:  When did you begin to fast and what was your motivation?

Sheila:  It was probably a year or two ago when I really started to fast. I had deep needs in my life that I really wanted answers for. Fasting was a way for me to show the Lord that I really wanted those answers.

Me:   What's the biggest blessing that you feel fasting adds to your walk with Christ?

Sheila: I have a deeper and sweeter relationship with the Lord, and I feel more in tune with Him. 

Me:  Is there one thing (or several things) that have helped you develop this Spiritual Discipline?

Sheila:  Reading and listening about fasting as well as prayer has helped to develop this spiritual discipline. 

Me:  Why would you encourage others to take part in a spiritual fast as an ongoing practice to draw close to God?

Sheila:  Fasting can be tough for us humanly speaking, but the way I am drawn close to the Lord there is no other substitute for. Additionally, those needs that I have had that seemed to have no answers, after fasting about them, I saw progress in them.

Me:  Is there anything else you'd like to share about spiritual fasting?

Sheila:  It is truly a discipline but like all things in life that require discipline, it pays huge dividends. You don't have to start of big--even fasting for a half a day or even a few hours is a place to start at--what matters is your heart before the Lord and why you are doing it

Again, I’m grateful that Sheila was willing to share her heart. Fasting isn’t an easy practice, but it’s immeasurably valuable. It’s the kind of experience that is hard to put into words and only by doing can we fully understand its value.

If you’d like to read more about the practice of spiritual fasting, this post may offer some insight. I also recommend the teachings of Tony Evans that you’ll find here

Your Turn:

Where do you land on the idea of fasting?  Have you tried it? Do you think you may try it “someday?”

If you’ve participated in a fast, what benefits did you see? Would you do it again?  It’s not easy, but is it valuable?

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Be Strengthened Today by His Word,
Psalm 119:28


Today's interview featured Sheila McIntyre:

I'm Sheila McIntyre, a born-again Christian who truly seeks to serve and please the Lord. I have been called to teach in the public schools (high school level) and enjoy teaching business/computers. When I am not teaching, I truly love to beta read new Christian books (to help with editing and content), and blog reviews for them as well for other books I have read. While my husband and I don't have any children, we do have five fur-babies (kitties) that keep us very busy!

Cathy McIntosh is the author of Victorious: Finding Triumph When Hope Seems Lost. When you can’t see God’s activity in your situation, you might begin to feel hopeless. You’re tempted to doubt His care and involvement in your life because He feels so . . . absent. Victory feels elusive as if God intends it for everyone but you.

But God is never absent. He is as involved in your life today as He was when He protected Queen Esther and the entire Jewish nation from annihilation, and He will bring victory.

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