Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Making the Most of the Moments

“Don’t wish your life away.” He said the words with lovingkindness, as if he were a wise sage with centuries of experience from which to draw his advice. I looked into the eyes, however, of a young man sharing heartfelt knowledge that was beyond his years.  

He’d interrupted the babbling nonsense of a teenage girl, dreaming aloud about her future. I’d described how I couldn’t wait to get my Master’s degree, earn a substantial income and spend all my money on material delight.  

He stopped me in my tracks. He helped me enjoy the gifts of the present instead of overlooking them to anticipate the future. 

Both he and his discerning counsel have stayed through decades of life together. I call upon his advice often, as unfolding a precious note kept safe in a close pocket. 

“Don’t wish your life away,” rang in my ears when… 

  • I wished to see college tests and hectic schedules in my rearview mirror
  • I eagerly anticipated our wedding day and felt up to my eyeballs in event planning
  • My babies cried for nourishment every 2 hours and I hungered for a full night’s sleep
  • Laundry piles grew taller than the washing machine
  • Toys - yes toys were everywhere
  • The thousandth showing of a princess movie blared from the television
  • I surrendered my own desires for sports schedules and school dances 
  • A few moments of peace were scarce and I could barely pull my thoughts together 

“Don’t wish your life away,” became my prompt to enjoy the journey. It was my reminder that every phase of life has wonderful blessings attached.  And each season passes far too quickly. It carried me through many challenges and specific points of frustration. The phrase served as my accountability to make the most of the moments rather than becoming disheartened by disruptions. 

With children now grown and independent, I miss the cuddles and intimacy of midnight feedings. I honestly do. 

I’ll never again accept the game ball after my son throws a no-hitter, or spend hour upon hour searching for the perfectly priced purse because my daughter had only $3 of her own money (believe it or not, we found the perfect one).

Sometimes I sit alone to watch those princess movies again. It’s a lot more fun to see them through the wonder of a child.

The blessed words came long ago, but I’m grateful for their longevity. It’s far too easy to feel consumed by the chaos of the moment and to wish for better (easier, calmer, more peaceful) times. It’s easy to long for the future. Instead of wishing our lives away, let’s remember to enjoy the journey and live in the moment. There’s always blessing in the now - sometimes we just have to search a little harder for it. 

Yet you do not know what tomorrow will bring. What is your life? 
For you are a mist that appears for a little time and then vanishes. 
James 4:14(ESV)

Your Turn:

When have you been tempted to wish your life away?

What is it about this particular season of life that you wish would finish sooner rather than later?

Instead of dwelling on the negative, what are the blessings of this current season?  List them and place them in a visible location.  Express your gratitude to God every day.

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Be Strengthened Today, by His Word,
Psalm 119:28



  1. I try to live by this and I have echoed those words to my daughter so many times. Enjoy the time you're in as it passes too quickly!


  2. This is vital wisdom to share and keep sharing for the professional woman, new mom to the seasoned woman still working it all out! This resonates in me deeply and using it to stay in check!

  3. Great reminder! My sister & I are both definitely in the "sleepless nights with babies" stage. As wearing as it is, we try to remind each other that one day we will miss this season of life. Well, maybe not the bags under our eyes... ;)