Tuesday, November 25, 2014

When Ideas Take Flight: Exciting News at Strengthened by the Word!

Woo Hoo!  I can’t wait to tell you about exciting news at Strengthened by the Word Ministries. After recent treks down many unfamiliar roads, God continues to mold and stretch me in new and very exciting ways.  He’s leading down a new path that’s rather unexpected.  Believe me, I’m as surprised as you might be - maybe more!  

Something that started as a seemingly random thought has become an idea that's taken flight.

Here it is: My “Life Coach” shingle now officially hangs within Strengthened by the Word Ministries!

With everything else that’s going on 

[ you know: my husband’s political campaign, a building project at our church (where I’m on staff full time and serve on the building committee), the holidays, two new books that are in my mental crock pot, including an e-book that I hope to launch within 60 days, speaking opportunities, and just life in general ] 

when I felt the Lord’s nudge in this direction,
I looked at my husband and joked, 

“I think the Lord is trying to kill me.”  

Nevertheless, through a lot of prayer, endless study, research and preparation, I feel more than complete peace about the idea - I feel excitement and rejuvenation!  Everything inside of me, all of the feedback I receive from my spiritual leaders, colleagues, and trusted sisters in ministry say “GO FOR IT!’  It’s exciting when the Lord provides a passion we never expected, especially one that can help others. 

Coaching nests beautifully within the mission of the Strengthened by the Word Ministries: to help women recognize and embrace God’s best.  

Women often need a gentle nudge to pursue all that the Lord has for us and to break out of a rut of mediocrity.  As a Christ-centered Life Coach, I walk alongside career women, moms, housewives, students, empty-nesters, newly marrieds, and any other women who desire to journey toward God’s purpose, victory, and ultimate freedom.

Advantages of entering a relationship with a Life Coach are many. When involved in coaching-type relationships in the past, I’ve received the gifts of:
  • Focusing on the Lord when my day to day life seemed too overwhelming to carve out time for Him
  • Finding God’s purpose in my life during times of transition 
    • when I left a lucrative career to stay home with my children, 
    • when I re-entered the work force,
    • when I became and empty-nester, 
    • when I wondered if I had anything to offer to the Lord
    • when I left the work force to answer God’s call to ministry
    • when I finally acknowledged that I am, indeed, a writer and speaker
  • Finding energy and courage to press on when I felt stuck
  • Learning to live life intentionally with God’s plan as the center of my focus
  • Honoring God with my time, talents, and treasures 

I became…
  • a more supportive wife
  • a more patient mom
  • a more devoted follower of Christ
  • a more productive professional
  • a more respected and influential leader
  • a better friend

It is my God-given, heartfelt desire to help others in similar ways.  

Now coaching is much different than counseling. While counseling primarily deals with overcoming past issues, coaching focuses on the present and provides effective tools for moving forward with God’s divine purpose as the focus.  It helps us move from where we are, to discerning God’s will, to enthusiastically pursuing all that He has to offer.

If you’ve ever considered utilizing a Christ-centered Life Coach or know of others who have, please click here for additional information and don’t hesitate to contact me. The first session (held face-to-face in the Denver-metro area or via Skype or Face Time if you’re not) is absolutely free with no obligation to continue in a coaching process.  

There’s nothing to lose, yet mountains of blessings to gain.

“…the fruit merely a manifestation of what was inside the tree all along.” 
― Laurie Beth Jones

So every good tree bears good fruit, Matthew 7:17a (NIV)

Your Turn

What good fruit would you hope bear with the help of a Life Coach?

What blessings do you believe your family would receive if you hired a Life Coach?

How can a Life Coach aid you in the goals you want to pursue in 2015?

Be strengthened today, by His Word,
Psalm 119:28



  1. I am excited to read this because the idea of a life coach is an answer to prayer. I've read your work for a few years and know you're the one. I'll send you an email to talk more right after Thanksgiving.

    Katie Bohnner, Santa Fe, NM

  2. I'm excited to hear from you, Katie!