Monday, October 3, 2011

When the Lord's Word is Repeated

How does it make you feel when you hear the same message from God’s people over and over?  I often hear a message on a radio sermon and read a similar word in ladies Bible study.  It usually moves me to action!  Do you have the same response?

Over the last several weeks, from many different sources, I’ve heard the same thought repeat itself and I finally believe that I should put what I’m learning into practice!  Here is the chronology: 

·    In our ladies Bible study (Becoming a Woman of Simplicity by Cynthia Heald), we learned about choosing what is best over what is good.  As we discern the “good” from the “best,” God’s children should keep in mind that He created each of us for a specific purpose.  Neglecting the roles He has given us, especially the ones He has specifically created us to do is disobedient!  My conviction is to get moving on what the Lord has called me to do.

·    Our Pastor reminded us in a recent sermon that we must not value time more than we value serving the Lord.  This is how that message hit my heart:  Get to work and take your eyes off of your busyness!”  What blessed assurance it brings to know that the Lord, Himself, manages my time.

·    In our Home Group study (Becoming a Contagious Christian by Mark Mittelberg, Lee Strobel and Bill Hybels) we learned that the Lord places us in our particular surroundings for a purpose.  It is no accident that we have our group of friends or worship in our church, because the Lord has specific roles for us there.  My marching orders are to “get out there and serve as He has uniquely equipped me to serve!”  Every moment of my life has prepared me for this exact situation and I am not to squander the opportunity to serve Him through it.

·    In a dimly lit room on Saturday, a friend of mind whispered to my heart without even realizing it.  She said, “I wonder if Amy Grant ever wishes she were more like Sandi Patty or if Sandi Patty wishes she were more like Amy Grant.  But when God created Amy Grant, He didn’t need another Sandi Patty.”  Ouch.   My conviction:  Get over the temptation to neglect your calling because you wish you were more like someone else!”

·    My Pastor stepped into the mix again this week with a sermon titled, “Like No Other.”  The message to my heart is a reminder that I am crafted to serve the Lord differently from anyone else.  I hear you, Lord, and today I get busy!

I have a new deadline, my friends, and I covet your prayers in this.  My entire manuscript for Finding Joy in Your Journey must be complete and fully prepared for submission by January 31st.  It is a very tall order and one that I can accomplish only through Him who gives me strength.  If it is His will, I will complete the task and only by His Spirit am I up for the challenge.  I humbly ask for your unceasing prayers as I take this leap of faith.

Now there are different gifts, but the same Spirit. 
There are different ministries, but the same Lord. 
And there are different activities,
but the same God activates each gift in each person.    
1 Cor 12:4-6 (HCSB)

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