Monday, February 28, 2011

One May Be Overpowered

I feel very thankful today for a group of women who surround me with prayer when I’m falling apart. God revealed some hard truths to me last week. While He works to bring the good out of what He’s revealed, I am working to be obedient to Him and to choose faith and joy over fear. This must be a deliberate choice for me because in my flesh, I would default to fear and giving up every single time. It is only through the strength of Christ that I continue to stand! The prayers of my sisters spur me on.

Last week when my emotions nearly overtook me, I sent an SOS message and the response brought incredible peace in the midst of my storm. We have to walk in truth, not as our emotions dictate, and I was not doing well on my own! My sisters in faith helped me to know… and see with my eyes… that I was covered in prayer. As the day progressed, I began to feel it, and become sure of what I could not see.

Ecclesiastes 4:12 says, "Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three stands is not quickly broken." I was in danger of being overpowered and I am oh, so thankful that I did walk through my struggle alone!

I have prayed for each of you this morning, asking the Lord to provide a prayer support system. I pray that you have someone in your life that you can call, e-mail, or Facebook message with an “SOS” and that you will have full assurance those friends will be on their knees for you! It is one of the greatest blessings of all.

I’m just going to put this out there: If you need prayer support, I will pray for you. Please keep in mind that this blog is on the Internet so please use discretion if you comment with a prayer request. Only provide information that you are willing for the whole world to see (that’s how I try to use wisdom in my Facebook posts).

I know some of your names, but this blog is beginning to reach many readers who I do not know. It has now spread to 10 countries and if that’s not the hand of God, I don’t know what is! I would LOVE to get to know you – will you please sign up to be a follower? See my November 18, 2010 post to learn how. I look forward to praying for you by name!

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  1. I need prayer in my finances and obedience to the Lord in giving / tithing. Thanks!