Thursday, July 27, 2017

10 Ways to Show Generosity Without Opening Your Wallet

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What comes to mind when you think of generosity? If you’re like me, you may think of charitable contributions, helping the poor, or financial giving to your church missions or benevolence ministries. Like me, you likely think of sharing your hard-earned income.

Recently, I felt the Lord prompt me to take a few steps back as I thought though the idea of philanthropy – to the reason why we show generosity in the first place.

As followers of Christ, we’re to respond generously to the needs around us because that is what Jesus modeled for us. It is one way that we can reflect His glory to a watching world. By giving to others, we show God’s love and kindness.   

I don’t recall ever reading about Jesus sharing money in an offering plate, yet we see that throughout His ministry, He demonstrated the extravagance of His giving nature. A few of His notable examples follow:

            Jesus gave His compassion,

            His grace and mercy,

            His healing touch,

            His salvation,

            His joy.

            His instruction and wisdom,

            His time, and

through His most sacrificial gift, Jesus willingly laid down His life.

The Bible offers much encouragement toward generosity (click here to see a long list of Bible verses on the topic). I recently read a wonderful post by Melissa Tumino that expounds on some of the spiritual results of generosity based on Proverbs 11:25. I love Melissa’s reminder that true generosity comes from a pure heart. It should never stem from an attempt to make amends or to receive personal gain or attention. 

Generosity is giving without expectation of receiving anything in return.

There’s no question that we should show generosity, and there is ample Scriptural encouragement to do so. Sometimes the question, however, is how. How can we show generosity to others when we aren’t flush with cash or when we need other creative options?

Here are 10 ways to show generosity without opening your wallet:  

Give generously to others through your

1.     Time

2.     Encouragement and support

3.     Thanks / Gratitude

4.     Mercy and grace

5.     Patience

6.     Prayer

7.     Good deeds

8.     Smile and positive attitude

9.     Love and kindness

10.  Community service

Should you also give financially? By all means, yes! In addition to monetary gifts, not instead of them, seek ways to tangibly serve and give to others in open-handed ways.

Your Turn:

In what non-monetary ways have you shown generosity to others?

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  1. Oh I love this, Cathy! Jesus was the greatest giver and we are to be like Him. I also loved that number 5 is patience. Sometimes one of the best things we can give someone is our patience. That single act can show so much love and kindness. I've always felt so grateful when friends or family members have done that for me when I am going through a hard time.

  2. Wonderful tips! Not everyone is able to help financially at any given time (especially people with children in the home) so these ideas are invaluable! TIME is a huge one. Showing people we can and will be present for them can make all the difference when they're struggling.

  3. and it takes so little to do so much!

  4. I try to give whatever is needed in the moment. Sometimes it's time, sometimes it's an item that is needed (and I pray, and God provides the computer or bed for me to give them), or sometimes it's just lending them a hand to get something done.